I'm Shiela.

A teacher, mother, and coder.


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I have been teaching for over 10 years. I also enjoy coding. Both teaching and coding require patience, persistence, and creativity. As a dually certified special education and general education teacher, I strive to create an atmosphere that builds community, respects difference, and challenges students to do their best. Read more about my teaching in Projects and read more about tools I want to code in Tools.

When I am not teaching or listening to podcasts, I can be found reading female empowerment books to my 2 daughters.

My Journey

Journey Highlights

STEM (Computer Science) PreK-5 Teacher

  • #NYCSchoolsTech Award 2021
  • Computer Science Lead
  • Computer Science Teachers of America (CSTA) Equity Fellow

  • Developing equitable teaching practices and advocacy
  • Collaborating with other teachers to address equity in the computer science classroom
  • Math for America Fellow

  • Master Teacher Fellowship Award
  • Broadening my growth as an educator, contributing to a professional community, and elevating the status of our profession
  • MotherCoder Fellow

  • Member of the inaugural NYC cohort
  • Self-taught html/css/javascript
  • Special Education Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) Teacher

  • Orton-Gillingham Certified Instructor
  • Computer Science 4 All (CS4ALL) Teacher Trainer
  • Big Apple Award Finalist
  • Coding Teacher in NYC STEM Summer in the City

  • Taught visual programming (blockly language) via Tynker
  • Taught physical computing with BBC Microbit
  • Teachers College, Columbia University

  • MA in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Dual certification to teach students with disabilities and general education students grades 1-6
  • Fulbright Fellow to Teach English in Taiwan

  • Awarded favorite teacher on Confucius Teacher's Day
  • Started two special English classes for disadvantaged students
  • Co-taught English to grades 1-6 in a public elementary school in Kaohsiung
  • Grinnell College

  • BA in Philosophy
  • John H. Worley Endowed Prize in Philosophy
  • Projects

    Whether I am learning about how to create low floor high ceiling math tasks for my students or guiding my students to give effective feedback to their peers on their coding projects, I am always learning and growing. In addition to teaching my students literacy and math, here are some projects I've done in my primary classroom that I'm passionate about:

    American Sign Language (ASL)

    sign-language-icon sign-language-icon-color
    • Develops fine motor skills
    • Gives access to the deaf community
    • Supports spelling in early childhood

    Pen Pal Exchanges in Taiwan, Kenya & USA

    Pen Pal Exchanges pen-pal-icon-color
    • Broadens awareness of other ways of life
    • Promotes cultural exchange
    • Develops global citizens

    Mindfulness Meditation

    Mindfulness mindfulness-icon-color
    • Brings attention to the present moment
    • Promotes self-awareness
    • Can help with self-regulation

    Coding, Robotics, & Physical Computing

    Coding coding-icon-color
    • Develops logical thinking
    • Can be integrated across curricular areas
    • Builds persistence and problem solving skills


    As a special education teacher, I am looking to build tools that are universally designed for learning (UDL) and that help teachers create an accessible and inclusive classroom community.

    . . . I use UDL as a guide

    I follow universal design for learning (UDL) guidelines outlined by CAST. UDL as a framework helps all students, not just students with disabilities or English Language Learners.

    . . . I use a station tool

    In my first foray into coding, I designed a tool for my classroom specifically for when I teach using the stations model. I developed this visual tool to help all students know where to go and what to bring to each station.

    . . . I use digital portfolios

    While I am working to develop my own digital portfolios hub to showcase student work, I currently use Seesaw. Seesaw allows me to create interactive lessons and to show and share my students work with each other.

    . . . I use an interactive 100s chart

    As I continue to learn how to code, I designed an interactive hundreds chart tool for my students to help them learn about patterns on the hundreds chart and to strengthen their number sense.

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